Mission Statement

Our Mission:


  • Hope For Hope is a nonprofit organization with the goal of providing access to clean water, proper nutrition, safe shelter and elementary education to children worldwide.
  • We started this organization with a simple idea: improve the lives
    of children. We believe that every child has the right to these bare essentials and it is our goal to provide them to children, one child
    at a time. The numbers are large but when you try to take on the world it can seem like an incredibly daunting task but that is why
    we have become a project specific organization. By concentrating on a few small scale projects at a time it allows us to help the individual child. They become more than just a number on a website. They become a friend and we become theirs.
    We believe in creating a bond with those we help in hopes to
    pass on our idea that everyone has the right to have hope.
  • Our organization is young. We are new to the field and but what we lack in age and wisdom we more than make up for in our passion, drive, and willingness to learn and educate ourselves as to how we can help. All members of our organization are involved because they just want to help. We have no other reason other than the fact that we feel it is only fair to try to give back. When people ask why we do what we do we believe the best response is why not?
    Why are you helping in Africa? Why are you helping in China?
    Why not help in Africa? Why not help in china? We believe that no matter where you are born you should always have access to the four hopes. We aim to deliver the four hopes, even if it is one child at a time. So come join us and help give hope!

The four hopes

Food hope

Water hope

Education hope

Shelter hope