Daniel Reitman

President and Co-Founder

Daniel Reitman is an entrepreneur who studied Biology and Finance at Hofstra University. He started Dan’s Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, and while still in college grew the company from a handful of clients, to over six hundred. Reitman is also currently involved in software development for the pet care and restaurant industries.  He is also the CEO and Co-Founder of SmartLine, a tech startup within the restaurant industry. Dan has long been involved in charitable organizations. He was an active member of Habitat for Humanity, and a tutoring program at a local inner city school in Maryland. Dan’s dream is to become a Veterinarian.



Chipeng Liang

CEO and Co-Founder

Chipeng Liang is a management consultant in the Insurance Group at Deloitte Consulting LLP, where he works with some of the world’s leading organizations to help to identify emerging issues in the field. Chipeng’s focus areas are actuarial and financial analysis, predictive modeling, insurance operations, large-scale finance transformations and general project management. Prior to joining his role at Deloitte, Chipeng had worked for a marketing firm where he worked on the Newman’s Own Foundation, helping to sell consumer goods for charity.



Matthew Reitman

Creative Director

Matt is studying journalism at Boston University, concentrating in photojournalism and minoring in international relations.  Since witnessing the poverty in the Yucatan Peninsula during several mission trips he took in high school, Matt’s goal in life has become to tell the stories of those not spoken of. Matt’s passion is photojournalism and currently, he’s in Haiti documenting non-profit work and looking for a project for Hope for Hope. He’s in charge of designing the website and all promotional material and media management for the organization.



Alex Stein

Operations Director

Alex Stein is an electrical engineering graduate of Manhattan College.  In the beginning of July he began working for Intel as a circuit designer in Austin, Texas.  He has received several scholarships in recognition of his academic achievements, and has had work experiences on Wall Street, in the construction industry, and as a community volunteer.  Through his involvement in charitable work beginning in third grade with the Dominic project all the way through college Alex has developed the necessary skills to organize and carry out many of the essential tasks of non profit work. With his background, Alex will be an essential leader in the organizational development and day to day operations of Hope for Hope.  


Henry Klion

Project Manager

Henry Klion is the Project Manager at Hope for Hope. Henry is responsible for a successful operation on the ground in Kenya. Prior to joining Hope for Hope, Henry was an Associate Coordinator at the Little Drops operation in Tamil Nadu, India where he was a school teacher for standard 4 and 5 English. In 2010 Henry graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University at Buffalo, State University of New York (SUNY) where he received a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing.  



Nicholas Bratskeir

Marketing Director

Nicholas Bratskeir works at Blue Wolf Communications in Port Washington as a new media and online culture specialist who helps clients like Nestle Waters and the family of Bob Marley to expand their reach on the internet. In high school, he spent a summer on the Blackfoot Indian Reservation in Browning, Montana, where he helped to build schools and community centers for the struggling tribe. Nick is working with the other directors to develop ongoing marketing initiatives and coordinating events and fundraisers with the main objective of building Hope for Hope’s brand. He graduated from Boston University in 2009.



Allysia Shepherdsonn

Director of Australian Operations

Allysia Shepherdson is a  20 year old nursing student from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She has had a passion for health care and helping those less fortunate in third world countries from a young age. She chose nursing so I could put her two loves together and make a real sustainable difference in the world. For the past three years I have been involved in charities that were based in South Australia. Allysia was on the committee of an organisation that focused solely on education for children in Lichinga, Mozambique and also individually raising money for the elderly and community of Mitava in Mozambique. She currently sponsors a child with The Child's Place Aust fund and raise money for the community of Mitava but are no longer on the committee. In 2011 I undertook a course that was offered by the Oaktree Foundation called Generate where she was trained in everything from media engagement to project management, political lobbying to leading a team which was an fantastic program.