General Donations




This organization was founded on a simple principle, to improve the lives of children around the world. If you share this desire, please support Hope for Hope by making a general donation.

All general donations will be put towards our most pressing current project. Individuals who donate will be notified as to how their money has helped to improve the lives of children.


Hope for Hope

We believe that no matter where you are born all children deserve the same opportunities and through our work we aim to bring those to children around the world, one child at a time. We believe that no child should go without access to clean water. They should not go hungry due to lack of access to proper nutrition. A child should not wonder where they will sleep that night, they should always have access to safe shelter. We believe it is the right of all people to be able to learn and grow their minds through a proper education. It is through providing these things we do not want to give aid but rather hope.

We want a child to be able to have hope for a better future. Wake up with excitement in their hearts, food and water in their little bellies, and be able to go to a school where they can learn and expand their minds. It is through our work that we hope to improve the lives of children one child at a time.