11/25/12 Completion of “Phase 1″…onto “Phase 2″ of construction December 10, 2012

Three weeks after construction of “Phase 1” started I am back in Nyahururu to see the progress. I came once inbetween the start and the finish to see how the construction was going. Standing here now it is hard not to be overwhelmed with joy and filled with excitement to get this Home operational and put these structures to use. I am going over the finished construction of the kitchen/storeroom, the water-well, and the bathroom/washroom; smiling, speaking to the construction crew, and taking photos.

We head back to Simon’s office to discuss the next phase of construction, the Staff Quarters and Dormitory (“Phase 2”). We go over the specifications and figure out ways to lower the cost of construction. We agree on a rough figure and decide we both need to speak to our respective partners to decide on the price, the financing, and the timeline.

Here is a little explanation of what is going to be built over the next two months:

The staff quarters will be about 800 sq./ft., cut off into 4 equal sections. 1 section will serve as the office/nursing station, 1 section as the manager’s home, 1 section for visitors, and 1 section will temporarily serve as the children’s study and dining hall. There will only be a total of two bathrooms, one in the manager’s room and one in the visitor’s room. There will be a verandah, a slanted roof with galvanized steel sheets, and several windows. The Staff Quarters will be made of stone from a nearby quarry.

The dormitory will be a 1,000 sq./ft. structure, with a semi-permanent wall cutting the structure into two 500 sq./ft. dormitories. One side will be for boys, and one side for girls, each side capable of holding 5 bunk-beds comfortably to accommodate 10 boys and 10 girls, respectively. Each side will have a bathroom/washroom so children do not need to leave the dormitories at night time and so they will have sufficient privacy for bathing. Each side will also have a 70 sq./ft. cubicle for the matron to stay to watch over the children in the evenings, something which is mandated by the Children’s Department of Kenya.

Currently we are working on getting our lawyers to finish the contracts, and then we will be signing and making the first deposit. Based off of a verbal agreement Simon and I have made, construction has started and we are on scheduled to have structures built for January 25th, 2013! The payments are phased out so we are able to begin the work, but we still have a lot of fundraising to do in order to make that final payment on February 1st, 2013, so please keep Hope for Hope in mind this holiday season!

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