September 18th, 2012- Arrival in Nairobi, Kenya November 24, 2012

I arrived in Nairobi via Cairo at 3:45 am, Tuesday morning. I picked up a taxi from the airport and together, the driver and I, navigated the step by step instructions to get to my flat. See, my flat doesn’t have an address and that’s just one of those things about Nairobi; the place you are living in may not have an exact address. We made the journey successfully, the whole while making the driver laugh as I practiced my broken Kiswahili with him. The next day I had a meeting scheduled with Little Drops Foundation Director Mr. Selveraj Chelliah. I stayed with Mr. Selveraj and his family last year when I was here working on opening the Standard Chartered bank account, certifying our NGO status, and searching for and later managing the acquisition of the 5 acres of land which we are currently developing. I originally met Mr. Selveraj during one of his annual trips to Chennai, India, when I was there working with the Little Drops organization in India.

As I stood by a light waiting to get picked up by Mr. Selveraj a security guard asked me what I was doing there. I told him I was waiting for a friend to pick me up and he assured me I was safe with him nearby. I told him I felt safe until he assured me I was only safe with him nearby.

The meeting went well and Mr. Selveraj was very pleased to hear about Hope for Hope’s dedication to developing a sustainable Children’s Home in partnership with the Little Drops Foundation team. Together Selveraj and I reviewed the plan to get the Children’s Home operational, with the first step being to meet a construction engineer recommended by another Little Drops Foundation Director Mr. John Mwendwa. We scheduled to go to Nyahururu together this upcoming Saturday to meet Simon Muchiri, the construction engineer.

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